Young people will grow to lead our country

We value each of them and know they can contribute to a fair and sustainable future no matter what their social status is or where they live in Vietnam.

We promise to help them build the confidence to find the innovative paths we need by giving them support, challenges and informal education.

We are energised by the laughter and fun in our youth groups and are proud to provide the framework and resources to help them grow.

Because working together has a greater impact than working alone we team with government and non-government organisations as their on-the-ground partner delivering development programs.

Our programs are made better by volunteers from other countries and they become better people for their experience.

We treat young people with respect, we value their differences, we help them understand others and challenge oppressive ideas.

We encourage positive thinking among our young staff and demand integrity, fairness, reliability and personal responsibility.

We are young in spirit.  We believe in the young people of Vietnam.

Welcome to the Centre for Sustainable Development Studies