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VNES – Vietnam Network of Engaged Scholars

VNES – Vietnam Network of Engaged Scholars is a network of scholars (lecturers, researchers, leaders and higher education personnel related to SL/CEL at higher education institutions in Vietnam. 

VNES – Vietnam Network of Engaged Scholars, jointly implemented by Center for Cooperation and Eduction Development – (Vietnam Campus Engage) and Center for Sustainable Development Studies (CSDS) under funding from the Irish Aid (Irish AID), remains operational within the framework of Community-Engaged Learning Alliance (CELA). VNES has attracted 210 members from 86 universities and colleges and 15 other organizations, institutes, schools.

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VNES’ activities

– Building capacity and promoting educational development by serving the SL/CEL community through academic exchanges, discussions, sharing and practical models of SL/CEL in various forms such as discussion group discussions, learning communities, workshops, webinars, SL/CEL related training materials and courses.

– Small sponsorships; consultancies, awards that encourage the efforts of network member scholars; support members in developing SL/CEL subjects; SL/CEL studies, projects and other capacity building opportunities will be regularly published in the network’s media.

– Connecting, sharing, and supporting resources in SL/CEL development, including supporting communication to encourage achievements of network members and units; communication to raise awareness, promote SL/CEL development, and advocate for SL/CEL support.

September’s VNES Newsletter in 2021

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