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The goal of CSDS’s Global Exchange Program is to create a facilitated environment for international youth to carry out activities to support the community and share their cultures and experiences in various volunteer programs, including Childcare Program, Educational Support Program and NGO Support Program.

The Childcare Program

The Childcare Program includes various practice locations, such as hospitals, preschools, special education centers for children with disabilities and children with developmental disorders. The program focuses on supporting the locations in improving the quality of care and education for children, bringing joy to children, and sharing meaningful educational and cultural experiences not only with children but also with the staff and local people.

Reality shows that Vietnam is a developing country with a rapidly growing population, but limited financial resources as well as special knowledge about children disability, partly making it difficult for these institutions to meet the needs of many children in both quantity and quality. The presence of enthusiastic, dedicated and loving volunteers has brought a breath of fresh air into children’s daily lives and the work of local staff through cultural exchanges and other interactions, at the same introducing and maintaining positive ideas in child care and protection.

The Educational Support Program

For Educational Support Program, recognizing the importance of communication in foreign languages to students and teachers in schools, CSDS has mobilized a large number of international volunteers and interns, who are passionate about volunteering, love teaching activities and aspire to support the community in improving communication skills in foreign languages, such as English, French, etc., for students. With the aim of better foreign language skills, improving confidence and cultivating international cultures, volunteers and interns always strive to create a natural, effective and inspiring practice environment, helping students practice pronunciation and confidence in communication.

At the same time, the presence of volunteers from many countries around the world partly motivates the students to build bigger dreams, to reach out, to grow high and to be persistent in achieving their goals.

The NGO Support Program

Within the framework of this program, CSDS creates opportunities for international volunteers and interns to work at non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and social enterprises in Vietnam. This is considered a practical and meaningful experience not only for the volunteers/interns but also for NGOs and social enterprises partners and CSDS, who are increasingly trying to support the community to solve Various social issues related to education, health, environment, economics, etc.

In this program, international youth have the opportunity to contact and directly support the implementation of daily activities at NGOs and social enterprises with the guidance, feedback and evaluation of NGOs and social enterprises. Above all, this valuable experience provides a dynamic working environment, creating opportunities for volunteers/interns to practice soft skills, improve knowledge, gain experience as well as create a positive influence on the Vietnamese community.