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  • Description:

Youth M power is an Erasmus+ project funded by European Commission with the participation of 4 partner countries from Poland, Spain, Nepal and Vietnam represented by Center for Sustainable Development Studies (CSDS). The project aims to create solutions for rising social exclusion among youth toward youth with fewer opportunities, migrants, refugees, foreigners, lowering confidence in youth especially those who are excluded, low employment and entrepreneurship initiatives among youth.

Education and training are key to success in the labor market. Youth skills training activities are aimed at developing or updating job-related competencies and skills. In this way, young people will become more attractive to employers and generally, they are better equipped to find and keep a good job.

  • Implementation period: 2021-2022
  • Participating partners:

CSDS is honored to work with 3 organizations from Finland, Spain and Nepal. These organizations are Fundacja Active Kids, Associacio Globers, Young Professional Development Society Nepal respectively.

  • Project activities:

3 workshops will be conducted in 4 local communities of all partners, namely in Wieliczka (Poland), Tarragona (Spain), Kathmandu (Nepal), Hanoi (Vietnam). At least 2 online sessions as part of mobilization to establish instruction on structural fundamentals, best practices. Creatingand discussing hands-on examples related to project tasks and goals with issues relevant to informal youth groups. 3 meetings are prepared with educators to participate in combined mobility.

  • Project goals and objectives:

Through the activities, 64 Youthpass certificates are expected to be issued to those who engage in the combined mobilization. Group reports and monthly reports will be generated by two groups and placed on the Facebook group. At least 12 interviews and articles will be posted on social media

The project aims to:

  • Help young migrants and refugees maintain their jobs or develop pathways to employment by matching them with trained mentors suitable to their needs.
  • Assist employers in raising cultural awareness and breaking down cultural barriers.
  • Advocate young refugees and migrants, prioritize the search for employment opportunities in agriculture, mining and other industries. On an individual level, a refugee – despite being skilled and motivated to work – can face many challenges in finding meaningful employment, which can easily lead to depression and hopelessness.