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The Youth Leadership Development Program I COMMIT 17 is implemented by FPT University and Center for Sustainable Development Studies (CSDS) with funding from Irish Aid. The program creates a space for ideas of changing the community to come true through training providing knowledge, skills, and attitudes. I Commit aims to improve leadership, ability to act, commit and inspire among young people when facing social problems. Specifically, the program goals are as follows:

Personal Development – “What kind of person do I want to become?”:

Participants will learn about their values ​​and abilities, build a new perspective to maximize their abilities as well as build a spirit of initiative, action, and commitment to the goals to make positive change. Through experiential activities and real projects coordination, young people will discover and draw lessons for their own development.

Making an impact – “I want the world to be…”:

Participants in the program will gather into groups and commit to spreading the influence of the training to the community by initiating social projects. Each group will be guided by an experienced “coach” who will provide information, support, and guidance to team members, helping the team achieve the desired results after the project.

After 16 successful I COMMIT programs, for the first time, FPT University and Center for Sustainable Development Studies cooperate to organize an I Commit program exclusively for students at FPT University.


? Expected training location: FPT University

? Training period: October 15, 2021 – October 17, 2021. Social project implementation period: October 17, 2021 – February 10, 2022

? Number of participants in the training course: 20 people

♣ Cost: The program is sponsored by FPT University, CSDS and Irish Aid (Including expenses for transportation, meals, trainers, project implementation costs…)

♣ Commitment fee: Each participant is required to pay 500,000 VND (The amount will be refunded 100% after the participant commits to fully participate in activities within the framework of the program)

? Registration link:

I COMMIT 17 Criteria

• Commitment and action are two core values ​​of the I Commit program, thus we aim at those who are ready to act and turn ideas into reality.
• Commit to fully participate in all major milestones in the program and accompany other members during the 4 months the program.

Key milestones:

? Online interview: September 20 – October 4, 2021. Interview schedule will be arranged specifically with candidates who pass the application round.
?⁠ Foundation training:

  • Plan to organize online: in the week of October 11-17, 2021, the schedule will be notified specifically to participants
  • Plan to organize offline: October 15-17, 2021

?⁠ Additional training: 06- 07/11/2021
?⁠ Mid-term training: 04-05/12/2021
?⁠ Summary: Expected February 20, 2022

Training sessions will be conducted online in the context of the pandemic. In case social distancing measures are removed, the program will be held offline at FPT University.

• Commitment to a community project: Participants will come up with ideas for the project they want to do and turn those ideas into social projects.
• Each person commits to spending at least 8 hours/week on their project.
• Having a passion for community development and a desire to become a contributor to social change. Experience criteria are not considered program criteria. Passion and desire to contribute will be the most important requirement.

? Deadline for program registration: 22:00 on September 15, 2021

Note: The registration link may close before the deadline when we have received a sufficient number of applications.
☎ Contact Info:
International Cooperation & Personal Development Program – ICPDP FPTU: Mr. Nguyen Ba Khiem (Tel: 0967002027) and Ms. Trinh Phuong Anh (Tel: 0978882396)