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❓ Have you ever had a day at work and when you get home, you feel like you don’t have the energy to do anything? Have there been evenings or weekends when you are so busy with work that you forget to give gentle words to your family and loved ones?

❓ Have you ever wondered what to do when witnessing conflicts on the street, conflicts between friends, teasing or being teased, fights and disruptive behavior at school? in the community or at work? Worse case, have you ever been in those situations, tired and helpless from not being able to improve the situation?

The occurrence of conflict is normal in human relationships and motivation of change (Deutch, Coleman & Saunders, 2016). However, if the conflict is not well managed, instead of creating change, it can lead to destructive, even violent. Whether we achieve a positive or negative outcome will be determined by how we manage it.

In the belief that all human beings have compassion and the capacity to empathize and they only use violence to harm themselves and others when they fail to recognize other more effective alternatives to the response. REMEDY project was born with the aim of promoting nonviolent communication in youth activities as an empowering way for young people to approach conflict constructively and use it as an opportunity for change.

The REMEDY (Conflict Transformation & Mediation in Youth Work) project is within the framework of Eramus+, the European Union’s program aims to support education, training, youth and sport. The project is the result of the international cooperation of 6 youth development organizations around the world, including Callystoarts (Italy), STRIM (Poland), Action Synergy (Greece), University of Seville (Spain), Corporación Casa Mia (Columbia) and CSDS (Vietnam).

The workshop is conducted by CSDS in Vietnam with 3 target groups: Youth from 18-30 years old, Youth in vulnerable groups (the disadvantaged, the disabled, ethnic minorities, LGBTQI+…) and individuals/organizations working with or supporting young people (NGOs, schools, juvenile courts…) to collect opinions from Vietnamese youth and stakeholders on: The types of conflict young people face, the resources available to help them manage conflict, and the sharing of effective methods of conflict resolution are used in each community.


WORKSHOP 1: For young people 18 – 30 years old: Saturday afternoon – May 29, 2:00 – 5:00 (Afternoon)

? Number of participants: 15 people

WORKSHOP 2: For young people in disadvantaged groups: Sunday afternoon – May 30, 2:00 – 5:00 (afternoon)

? Number of participants: 15 people

WORKSHOP 3: For individuals/organizations working with youth or supporting youth: Sunday evening – May 30, 8:00-10:00 (PM)

? Number of participants: 10 people

? Platform: Online via ZOOM
? Registration link:
? Deadline to register: 12:00 trưa ngày 25/05/2021
? Contact Information:

Nguyen Anh Thu (Ms.)

Tel: 090 626 9891 (Please contact during office hours and do not text)

⚠️ Notes:

? The registration link may close before the deadline when we have received a sufficient number of applications.

? The comments and sharing of you and your friends will be used by the project to conduct the following activities to:

1. Create a sustainable network of organizations willing to share and acquire expertise in the field of nonviolent communication, applied to youth activism.

2. Build adolescents’ capacity for conflict management, with a particular focus on nonviolent communication

3. Share best practices for resolving conflicts used in each community.

4. Give voice to local stakeholders who have an impact on youth conflict situations.

5. Empower youth and inspire them to be role models in their communities, spreading a constructive approach to conflict.


Master Nguyen Anh Thu

Master Nguyen Anh Thu, graduated as valedictorian in Project Management, majoring in Innovation and Development, University of Nantes (France). Currently, she is a national trainer of the British Council. In about 6 years as a trainer, she has conducted more than 500 training courses with NGOs, university lecturers, students, students, women’s unions, social projects, etc. throughout Vietnam. Some typical programs such as the Social Enterprise Active Citizen Program (under project 1665 in the 3-year cooperation program of the British Council and the Ministry of Education and Training), the Young Leadership Development program – I Commit (As part of “Youth Drivers for Change” project of CSDS and Irish Aid), the annual youth camp program (U.S. Embassy)…

”Inspired by my need to be the embodiment of what I want people to change, I am still on my way to building on the knowledge and skills of a trainer to continue to inspire more people. Moreover, I also remind myself to practice the living way that I have chosen.”

Khong Tuan Anh

Graduated from Viet Nam University of Commerce. He has experience in conducting experiential learning training and seminars at both national and international levels. He has 6 years of experience in implementing training programs for about 500 lecturers, experts, entrepreneurs, and social activists across Vietnam and the ASEAN region in the Active Citizen program. He participated in the implementation of the UPSHIFT program during his time at UNICEF to help young people develop ideas and develop social projects.

In addition, Mr. Tuan Anh also has experience as a coordinator and lecturer for various organizations in Vietnam such as UNDP Vietnam, US Embassy, ​​Friends of Ireland, CSDS, Sai Gon Innovation Hub, CHANGE… Besides, he is also a lecturer and moderator for multinational events such as Asia Climate Leaders Camp, Southeast Asia Social Enterprise Coordinator Training.