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I. Introduction

Center for Sustainable Development Studies (CSDS) is a Vietnamese NGO focusing on youth development activities, community development programs, and global exchange programs. Established in 2009, CSDS has developed various activities nationwide towards sustainable development in Vietnam.

With funding from Irish Aid, Center for Sustainable Development Studies launches the campaign named “Youth Against COVID 2021”. The campaign aims to seek and support the action initiatives of Vietnamese individuals or youth groups in an attempt to solve the problems directly and indirectly triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic in current society or within the project group itself. Thereby, the campaign years to encourage and motivate the community spirit, contribute a small action to join hands with the Vietnamese government and people to win the pandemic.

II. Targeted Participants

  1. Organizations (other names: clubs, associations, teams, groups, etc.) are founded and operated by Vietnamese youth (from 16 to 30 years old) throughout Vietnam;
  2. Individuals who are Vietnamese citizens aged 16-30

III. Benefits

Participating organizations/individuals will have the opportunity to:

  1. Receive a cash grant up to VND 20 million per action initiative;
  2. Receive communication support from CSDS during the implementation of action initiatives;
  3. Receive professional support and Participate in training related to project implementation (if any).

IV. Requirements and Criteria for selecting action initiatives 

1. Requirements of participation:

  • Action Initiatives are carried out by organizations/individuals who are Vietnamese citizens between the ages of 16 and 30, with priority given to vulnerable individuals or organizations that include members of this target group or support this target group.
  • Action Initiatives contribute to mitigating the negative impact of COVID-19 on society or on the organization itself effectively, practically, and timely.
  • Action initiatives can involve emergency relief or long-term assistance.
  • Location: Activities of action initiatives are implemented online or offline, or both. Note: Implemented activities need to ensure compliance with the Government’s directives on the pandemic prevention

2. Criteria:

  • Activities contribute to addressing at least one negative (direct/indirect) impact of COVID-19 as demonstrated by specific changes in at least one specific target group.
  • Activities take advantage of available resources and effective funding.
  • Activities respond timely to the negative impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Activities are carried out before the end of December 2021.

V. Approval Process

1. How to submit a proposal

Step 1: Candidates download and complete the information in the proposal form at the following link:

Step 2: Candidates send proposals to email: with the subject: [YAC2021] INITIATIVE NAME

  • If you have additional documents, please attach them to your email or share the link to the file/folder. Supplementary documents may include operation experience of the organization/individual, previous performance results, the survey of beneficiaries, activity photos (3-5 typical photos, if any)…

2. Proposal submission deadline:

Due to the urgency of dealing with the negative impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the community, CSDS will review the action proposals in the order of submission time and respond to the results after 3 working days from the submission date. Once a sufficient number of action initiatives have been reviewed, CSDS will notify you to stop receiving action proposals (This process may end before the published deadline).

VI. Contact Information