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Small Grants 2021

Within the framework of the Youth Drivers for Change project implemented by Center for Sustainable Development Studies (CSDS) with funding from Irish Aid, Small Grants aims to build and improve the capacity of young people, youth groups, social activity groups, thereby taking actions to make a positive contribution to the development of Vietnam.

During the application round, CSDS received 121 applications from youth organizations/clubs and groups across the country. They all have the same goal of making a positive impact on the community in various aspects: medicine, music, personal development, inspiration, etc.

Here are 5 typical organizations/groups that have received funding from Small Grants, including:

0️⃣1️⃣. Ta tu te – 2030 Youth Force Vietnam

0️⃣2️⃣. Nha khong cua

0️⃣3️⃣. Happy Teachers Class – Happy Teachers Foundation

0️⃣4️⃣. Raising awareness & Participation of Cham youth in community research issues – Young research group on Cham culture & ethnicity in Ninh Thuan

0️⃣5️⃣. V.Gen Station


1. Ta tu te – 2030 Youth Force Vietnam

In 2021, despite predicaments triggered by Covid-19, the 2030 Youth Force Vietnam Network – Southern Region has been still determined to keep its promise to maintain and carry out activities for the community and society. The project “Ta tu te” was founded in that situation with the aim of:

• Spreading ‘kind stories’ through pictures.

• Sharing humane messages in the context of COVID-19.

• Calling on the community to contribute to solving social issues such as Mental Health; Responsible Consumption and Production; Climate Change; Clean water and issues related to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The project process is divided into three steps: Telling – Visualizing – Calling to Action, specifically:

  • Telling – “Ta tu te” urges people to tell good stories that you have done or witnessed
  • Visualizing – “Ta tu te” will draw your stories
  • Calling to action – “Ta tu te” will tell and believe that your story and actions have contributed to making the world a better place

After a long time of implementation, on 11/11/2021, the virtual exhibition “TA TU TE” was officially released and spreaded the kind message to the community.

Website/ Facebook:


2. Nha khong cua

The project ‘Nha Khong Cua’ aims to integrate life skills education in its historical education program, to solve the problem that students lack life skills and parents lack the environment and opportunities for their children to develop comprehensively, thereby improving life skills, becoming a global citizen as well as understanding their origin, national values.

With that desire, during the recent pandemic, the project successfully organized the communication contest named “Ra ngo gap anh hung” to share stories and convey positive messages that each person at home or in frontline could also contribute a small thing to helping control the pandemic, and the online class “Pandemic Footprints” took the theme of pandemic and history to equip secondary school students with the necessary knowledge and tool application of critical thinking to explain current pandemic-related social problems.

Website/ Facebook:


3. Happy Teaches Class – Happy Teachers Foundation

The project wishes to create positive changes in awareness as well as to improve the quality of teaching and develop professional skills of preschool teachers, especially preschool teachers working in mountainous and central provinces. Thereby, this will contribute to creating happy kids when being cared for and taught by a team of enthusiastic and active teachers.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the Foundation has organized online courses and also partially launched the project of building a free online library/repository for teachers. There have been 12 online courses organized with the total number of participating teachers reaching roughly 1322 people as follows:

  • Emotional Balance
  • Storytelling for Kids
  • Guideline for choosing books for children and preschool teachers
  • Tips for nurturing creativity towards children
  • Child’s golden period
  • Yoga Storytelling
  • Bringing music into the classroom
  • Skincare for teachers
  • Project-based learning in early childhood education
  • Great ways to teach children to think
  • Teaching English to children
  • Let’s teach kids to make crafts
  • Voice training – Heart connection


Facebook: Quỹ Giáo Viên Hạnh Phúc


4. Raising awareness & Participation of Cham youth in community research issues – Young research group on Cham culture & ethnicity in Ninh Thuan

The project wishes to study Cham culture in the context of integration and globalization, based on traditional values ​​to promote sustainable and humanistic values ​​in spirit as well as harmonious and sustainable development that Cham community is based on, including indigenous cultural values, knowledge, and practices.

During the project implementation from May 2021 to the present, the group has updated a lot of information on the group’s website with 05 posts, developed the Fanpage and social media of the Cham community and Champa research. Initially, the information has had a certain effect on the community and the public, attracting a lot of attention – sharing of young people.

In the coming time, the team will continue to post more information about research products, introduce project summaries on the website, and increase the number of interactions on fanpages to introduce the project overview, helping the project be widely known and spread information to more beneficiaries.






5. V.Gen Station

The next typical organization under the Small Grants 2021 is V.Gen Station – a non-profit community organization working for fostering “Liberal Arts” for all Vietnamese Youth Leaders – The Generation of Life-long Learning and Active Citizenship and Social Contribution.

With the main annual project – V.Gen Station Summer Course (VSSC), up to present, V.Gen Station has achieved the following milestones:

✔ Successfully organizing 7 courses with adaptable topics each year

✔ Attracting over 350 young people across the country to participate and create a large community to share, learn and develop

✔ Honored to be one of 15 members of the Small Grants 2021, funded by Irish Aid (2020 and 2021)

✔ Joining the program “Chuyen Lang Kien” 2020 and 2021, where community projects in Vietnam meet, exchange and learn

✔ Top 5 Finalists of the “Youth Drivers for Change” Awards 2021

The next implementation direction:

✔ Conducting surveys, getting feedback on the organization as well as evaluating the quality of the course directly from students through surveys and face-to-face interviews.

✔ Connecting this year’s students with alumni and some speakers of the years through the community group of V.Geners, by sharing workshops, talk shows, and organizing online chats about many topics in the spirit of free sharing and connection.

✔ In addition, community members also post about scholarships, job opportunities, various online courses, etc.

Website/ Facebook:

Detailed information of Small Grants 2021: