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PROJECT: Global Learning to Overcome Barriers Encouraging Respect and Solidarity (GLOBERS)

– Description

“GLOBERS: Global Learning to Overcome Barriers Encouraging Respect and Solidarity” is an international project coordinated by Associazione InCo and co-funded by the Erasmus+ Program. The project aims to create an enabling environment for global citizenship education in the context of inter and transcontinental migration processes and to build the capacity of the organizations involved in international volunteering mobility on a global level.

The project promotes international volunteering mobility as a pathway on raising active and global citizenship and boosting understanding of the rights deriving from it and the European values in general.

– Implementation period: 2020-2021

– Participating partners

CSDS is honored to work with youth associations/organizations from many countries such as Colombia, Brazil, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Slovakia, Nepal. These organizations are ASOCIACION COLOMBIANA PARA EL INTERCAMBIO JUVENIL CULTURAL – ICYE Colombia (Colombia), ASSOCIACAO BRASILEIRA DE INTERCAMBIO CULTURAL (Brazil), ASSOCIAZIONE LA STRADA  DER WEG ONLUS (Italy), GEOCLUBE-Infotreff, Portugal Vue/ Croix -Rouge de Belgique (Belgium), Keric (Slovakia) and VHS BHAKTAPUR COMMUNITY LEARNING CENTER PVT LTD (Nepal).

Participating countries provide comprehensive information about different parts of the world; thus ensuring geographical, linguistic, religious and cultural diversity.

– Project Activities:

Within 24 months, countries will jointly carry out the following activities:

+ Youth exchange in Trento

+ Completing the curriculum framework of 5 seminars on global citizenship education

+ 9 volunteer exchanges between countries, each lasts 12 months. The volunteer will launch 5 Global Citizen Education events for children or young people over a 12-month period with support from the receiving organization.

+ Youth exchange in Slovakia

+ Meeting in Belgium: Sharing the results achieved and discussing future cooperation and introducing the volunteer handbook.

+ Media events: each country shares the results of the project and the volunteer handbook in their mother tongue with the local community of that country.

– Goals and objectives of the project:

The idea of ​​the GLOBERS project was born in the cross-cutting discussions on the topic of the daily life of European citizens, for example, IncCo is currently collaborating with the Trentino’s government on the project “Cittadini Planetari” (Global Citizen) and the “Interscambi” project is supported by the Local Government.

The project aims to:

  1. Build the capacity of partners in the European Solidarity Corps environment, international volunteering and non-formal learning activities that promote active and global citizenship education.
  2. Support youth organizations in reinventing global citizenship education activities to their target groups based on the handbook and spreading among the public as the output of the project.
  3. Upskill young people in the areas of European project management, global citizenship education and youth participation, through the exchange of best practices and the organization of seminars related to human rights especially migrants and sustainable development.
  4. Volunteer exchange between countries for young people with fewer opportunities will help them strengthen their skills, improve their personal and social capacities, and promote their work potential.
  5. Raise awareness of global citizenship in participating communities through volunteer workshops and on a global level through an online postcard contest, promoting greater awareness of migration as a natural process in society that promotes empathy and solidarity.
  6. Promote global citizenship, active citizenship, European values, a spirit of volunteerism and informal learning in partners’ communities.