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Center for Sustainable Development Studies (CSDS) is a Vietnamese non-governmental organization with the aim of promoting the volunteerism movement and increasing youth participation in sustainable development.

Founded in 2009 in Hanoi, CSDS has been contributing to positive changes in Vietnam through youth development activities, global exchange programs and community development programs.

Our mission is to empower and support youth by providing them with the skills and opportunities they need in order to become agents of sustainable change and development in their communities.

With the companionship and sponsorship of Irish Aid through the project Youth Drivers for Change, we organize the program “Youth Drivers for Change Forum – Hoi Kien 2021” with the desire to bring opportunities to exchange and discuss among Vietnamese youth and experts in the fields of Environment – Society – Economy with the aim of finding solutions in assessing the current situation and taking action to solve social problems according to the interdisciplinary approach. The theme of the forum is: Exploring interdisciplinarity and promoting interdisciplinary action in social projects of Vietnamese youth.

Recruitment Information

CSDS is looking for Facilitators for the program “Youth Drivers for Change Forum – Hoi Kien 2021” on the online platform with responsibilities:

1. Coordinating activities for the program “Youth Drivers for Change Forum – Hoi Kien 2021” on the online platform

2. Designing the curriculum framework and preparing learning materials for the program

3. Making a summary report of the program.

Details of the job as well as requirements, please read carefully the information at: TOR

Candidates send proposals and apply to the email:

Deadline: 10/22/2021

For more details about the position, please contact the Officer in Charge: Tran Thi Thuong Thuong (Email: