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Communication support process

About Us

Center for Sustainable Development Studies (CSDS) is a Vietnamese non-governmental organization with the aim of promoting the volunteerism movement and increasing youth participation in sustainable development. Founded in 2009 in Hanoi, CSDS has been contributing to positive changes in Vietnam through youth development activities, global exchange programs and community development programs. Our mission is to empower and support youth by providing them with the skills and opportunities they need in order to become agents of sustainable change and development in their communities.

As an NGO working on Youth, CSDS is always ready to accompany and support communication with projects/activities of youth organizations, clubs and groups to help enhance the spirit of action for the community, gravitating towards sustainable development.

Communication support process

For organizations/clubs/groups or youth leaders who wish to be supported by CSDS in communicating events/programmes/activities, please take the following steps:

Step 1: Fill out the communication support registration form here. CSDS’s communication department representative will respond to your application via email provided within 03 working days (Excluding weekends).

Step 2: Contact the Organization via chatbox fanpage CSDS VN for support in responding to posting information on the fanpage if you do not receive a response email after 03 working days above. Please provide the following information: Full name (contact info is filled in the form) and email address (filled in the form) to receive timely support.

Step 3: Along with sharing on CSDS’s fanpage, you can join Cộng đồng CSDS – Trung tâm Nghiên cứu Phát triển Bền vững to share information and post directly (Completely free and the admin’s approval included).


Currently, CSDS VN will support communication on 3 fanpages corresponding to 3 programs of the organization. Based on the content provided by the teams/clubs/organizations, we will recommend appropriate communication channels.

In the same event/program/activity with more than 1 post, CSDS will select the posts with extensive content without duplicate information to ensure the quality of the posts.

If the content has been edited, please notify after each change.



  • Active youth organizations/clubs/groups nationwide.
  • There are programs/activities/events in line with the general spirit of Center for Sustainable Development Studies (CSDS)

With the desire to share positive values for the community, CSDS will select posts with appropriate content to support communication. In some cases, communication support will be refused, specifically:

  • Posts from individuals and organizations with Pr content, sales advertising
  • The posts fail to match the general spirit of CSDS
  • Posts that contain objectionable content, violate the law, violate copyright, are not transparent in programs/activities/events
  • Posts that are close to the registration deadline (3 days before the application deadline) or have expired (open applications, members recruitment, programs with registration deadlines, etc.)

For any questions, please contact: or inbox fanpage CSDS VN