Small Grants for Youth Initiatives

Small grants for youth initiatives is a part of the Youth as Active Citizens to Contribute to the SDGs project, otherwise known as the 2030 Youth Force .

The objective of the small grants is for young people to develop the skills they need to become active and engaged citizens. The small grants project provides small sized grants of 15-25 million VND to youth groups who development and implement small-scale sustainable development projects in Vietnam.

Previously, CSDS has given out small grants under different projects and with a focus on using communications and media to increase youth voice in Vietnam. Under this version of the small grants project funded by Oxfam, projects can address any sustainable development issue as long as the project is led and implemented by a youth group.

There is a large diversity in the types of projects funded under this project. Projects deal with food security, disability, capacity building and environmental sustainability. Projects are taking place all across Vietnam, including Hanoi, the northern highlands, the Mekong Delta and Ho Chi Minh city, among other regions.