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Youth Leadership Development Program I COMMIT ACADEMY (ICMA)
✊The I COMMIT Youth Leadership Development Program is implemented by the Center for Sustainable Development Studies (CSDS) with funding from the Irish Aid, aiming to train and develop youth to make positive impacts on society.
✊The Design Thinking training series is an activity under the I Commit Online (ICMA) program, which aims to create a professional space to support community project groups. ICMA aims to support 20 potential projects in the project development process, through the organization of centralized online training sessions (virtual training).
? Participants
(Number: 20 trainees)
– Young people (from 16 to 30 years old) nationwide:
+ Are participating in community activities, social projects, volunteering activities with the desire to learn and practice knowledge about Design thinking.
+ Commit to fully participate in 5 sessions of the training series
?Training content 
I Commit builds a training program with contents related to Design Thinking method, how to apply this method in implementing social projects to solve social problems. The training series last for 5 sessions with a duration of 3 hours/session, the training sessions are conducted ONLINE.
? Training content and schedule:
10/03 – Session 1: Overview of Design Thinking
10/10 – Session 2: Empathize and Understand the needs of the community 10/31 – Session 3: Design challenge and solution creation
11/14 – Session 4: Prototyping Design
11/28 – Session 5: Summary and Contemplation
? How to join
? Registration form for the training series:
? Registration deadline: 9/30/2021
☎️ Contact Info:
Vu Duy Thanh (Mr.)
Tel: 039 652 6816 (Please contact during office hours and do not text)