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“Chuyen Lang Chuyen Nuoc” is a livestream series conducted by CSDS with the desire to bring young people the opportunities and benefits gained from connecting with teams, NGOs, community project stakeholders through conversation with youth projects, NGO representatives, etc. on various topics.

On August 5, CSDS conducted “Chuyen Lang Chuyen Nuoc” with the theme “Working with people with disabilities in the community”. The program’s livestream had the presence of guests, including:

  • Ms. Nguyen Lan Anh – Director of Action to the Community Development Institute (ACDC)
  • Mr. Hoang Van Ly – Chairman of Blind Association of Hoan Kiem District and Project Coordinator of THE EYES project
  • Do Tran Nhat Linh – Founder of The EYES project
  • Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Anh – primary school teacher at Deaf High School, Central College of Pedagogy.
  • Besides, there was also the participation of Hien – a sign language interpreter.




In the first part of the livestream, the guests had time to share about the difficulties of people with disabilities during Covid. As a vulnerable group in daily life, the appearance of Covid-19 has directly and severely affected the health, psychology, daily life and especially employment of this group of people with disabilities.

“Non-disabled people find hard to seek jobs, let alone people with disabilities, especially people with disabilities who have to work in the informal sector, they are the ones who have lost their work” – Ms. Lan Anh shared.

Talking with “Chuyen Lang Chuyen Nuoc”, before the above difficult situation, organizations, projects and the state are trying to support people with disabilities with very practical projects. At ACDC, the institute had a program named “Free legal advice” via hotline or chatbox on fanpage to provide more information for people with disabilities. Or at The EYES Project, at the moment, the project was conducting training sessions, building toolkits to support the blind in learning, working online or guiding basic skills to support the blind people in life. In addition, competitions were organized to connect young people in different communities. Or activities were implemented to learn the meaning of Vietnamese vocabulary for deaf people through the clips of the project “Hearing By Eyes”, etc.

In addition to sharing about community projects, the guests also gave a lot of useful information for youth groups/projects on how to work, build effective projects or approach groups of people with disabilities. And the most important thing was “Make friends with special friends”. At the end of the livestream was the time when the guests of the program could exchange and interact with the audience watching the livestream.

Through the sharing talk of the guests in “Chuyen Lang Chuyen Nuoc”, CSDS wishes to bring practical perspectives on project work with people with disabilities. In addition, there are opportunities to work at related organizations, information sources, and useful connections in the disabled community for youth groups/projects (Please refer to list of organizations and companies supporting people with disabilities at the end of the article).

The livestream series “Chuyen Lang Chuyen Nuoc” is held every month with a variety of topics and a very interesting and special guest lineup. Let’s look forward to watching the next CSDS “Chuyen Lang Chuyen Nuoc” livestream on fanpage Youth Empowerment Program

List of organizations/companies supporting people with disabilities in Vietnam

1. Campaign Committee of Vietnam Deaf Association

For the Vietnamese deaf community

2. Hearing By Eyes

  • For the Vietnamese deaf community
  • Teaching Deaf people to make movies and make movies with Deaf people
  • Tel: 038 572 3177
  • Facebook link

3. New Sunshine Company SLIS

  • For Listeners who want to learn Sign Language.
  • Teaching Sign Language to Listeners
  • Tel: 090 924 86 74
  • Facebook link

4. Center for the Deaf PARD

  • Vietnamese Deaf Community.
  • Provide daily sign language newsletter, promote local sign language, organize legal aid consultation sessions, organize seminars, training, etc.
  • Email:
  • Facebook link


  • Deaf community in Hanoi.
  • Organize general activities and training sessions.
  • Facebook link

6. SCDeaf – Sign Language Interpreting Company

  • For the Vietnamese Deaf Community.
  • Sign Language Interpreting and Teaching Sign Language.
  • Tel: 024377700088/ 0398549185
  • Facebook link

7. Action to the Community Development Institute (ACDC)

  • For the Vietnamese Community of People with Disabilities and their family members.
  • Legal advice; Organizing training courses, training sessions, capacity building; Support annual reproductive health checkup.
  • Website:
  • Tel: 024 6675 3946
  • Facebook link

8. The EYES Project

  • For the Community of the blind and the non-visually impaired.
  • Provide materials on communication skills with the visually impaired, support skills in movement orientation, support in life, and guide the blind to use online working tools.
  • Tel: 0398924729
  • Facebook link

9. The Center for Research and Education of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (CED) (HCMC)

  • Deaf and non-deaf people.
  • Inclusive education for the deaf and sign language classes and basic training for the hearing impaired, research, publication of books and DVDs in the field of hearing loss.
  • Website:
  • Facebook link

10. The Will to Live Center (Hanoi)

  • For People with Disabilities
  • Vocational training with ‘Technology’ (Skills training, Microsoft word skills, Photo editing skills) Job counseling after the course.
  • Web:
  • Facebook link


  • Address: 311K8 Thu Thiem Resettlement Area, An Phu, City. Thu Duc, City. Ho Chi Minh
  • For People with Disabilities
  • Removing barriers to inclusion with accessibility programs such as the D.Map Accessibility Map (Disability Map) application, soft skills training programs, and consulting programs such as equality, diversity and equality counseling and integration, individual and peer group counseling, writing and project management consulting with international and local funding. Providing free legal consulting services, bridging referrals, recruiting workers with disabilities, consulting policies, sharing training courses, seminars related to workers with disabilities, Learning Programs Scholarship A companion, counseling, assessment on disability level, financial ability to help PWDs can choose appropriate support equipment. In addition, DRD acts as a bridge to sponsor support equipment.
  • Website:
  • Facebook link

12. Hear.Us.Now Project (Ho Chi Minh City)

  • For Deaf Students
  • Providing English and Informatics teaching programs (through the “visual learning” method); Vocational orientation and training for deaf students after graduation by teaching Sales, Baking, Fine Art Drawing, Computer Graphics; Support jobs for deaf adults with stable income through affiliate programs with partners. Towards training in entrepreneurship and personal financial management, etc.
  • Tel: 083 842 7427
  • Facebook link

13. House of Vui (HCM)

  • For those who are in disadvantaged and difficult circumstances.
  • Training new trending occupations for the disadvantaged at low cost or subsidizing tuition fees with refund; Support open-home shelters for children to develop more comprehensively, especially homes with many problems and difficulties in operating and raising children; Connect a lot of resources to share to the right places where they really need it and create practical value for the community; Collaborated with Saigonbooks and Nha Cua Vui to produce audiobooks.
  • Website:
  • Facebook link