Youth Drivers for Change

Working closely with Irish Aid and other partners we organize many activities aimed at engaging and building the significant potential of Vietnamese youth in the civil society sector under the Youth Drivers for Change project.

The project has now reached more people than ever before, with 4,000 young people participating in our events in last year. We have begun to inspire a new generation to get involved and begin a journey where personal and community development are intertwined.

Not counting the numerous workshops and training events or the opening of SOCI Hub, we have developed several events that provide a unique platform for young people in Vietnam to explore and discuss development issues, or build their skills and knowledge for their own personal and career development. Highlights of the Youth Drivers for Change project include:

  • NGO Traineeship Program – many young people in Vietnam have voiced a concern at their lack of skills and knowledge concerning the CSO sector. We have addressed this through our pilot of the NGO Traineeship Program, consisting of three weeks of intensive training and a three-month internship. The program offered a much-needed pathway into the civil society sector for 50 recent university graduates.
  • Youth Annual Forum – building an inclusive and participatory enabling environment for young people to discuss Vietnam’s development agenda has been a long-term aspiration of CSDS. In December 2015 and 2016 we have sucessfully gathered more than 150 youth representatives from all over Vietnam to and discussed about youth role in Sustainable Development Agenda 2030.
  • Volunteer Exchange – CSDS and Irish Aid are keen to promote intercultural learning opportunities, and our volunteer exchange project to Ireland does just that.
  • Voice of Vietnam – communication is essential to successfully reaching a wide and diverse audience, and this year we decided to consolidate our active social media presence with a radio program. We broadcast ‘Volunteer Footprints’ twice a week for the radio station Voice of Vietnam to promote awareness of volunteerism the local community. Approximately 12 members of different youth groups work together to generate and present the content, which includes opportunities to volunteer and the experience of previous or current volunteers.