Who we are

We are a non-profit, non-government organisation based in Hanoi, Vietnam with a strong focus on developing the capacity of young people to effect change in society. Since our establishment and legal registration in 2009 we have successfully implemented a wide range of community projects to improve the livelihood, education and wellbeing of the Vietnamese people through sustainable development.

What did we achieve in 2015?

Thanks to the support of our donors, staff and the wonderful young people who make our work possible, 2015 has been our most successful year yet. Here’s a quick snapshot of our biggest achievements this year:

Snapshot of our Achievements

  • We engaged with 7,800 children/young people across 8 regions from the north to the south of Vietnam.
  • Over 135 training and informational events were conducted, covering a diverse range of issues including empowerment, the environment and intercultural learning.
  • Our volunteer intake almost doubled its from 147 in 2014 to 270 in 2015 with volunteers coming from a record 20 countries.


  • SOCI Hub – In 2015, we opened SOCI Hub, our free space for young people to work, gather and learn. We used the space to host a wide range of activities, from our regular popular events to new and innovative ones, including several capacity-building workshops, culture exchange nights and language lessons. SOCI Hub has become a stable and beloved location for over 3,000 young Vietnamese and international people and over 45 youth groups.
  • Young@Heart Youth Initiatives – In collaboration with Oxfam, we awarded a total of 547,006,135 VND to 18 youth initiatives this year. These initiatives deliver desperately needed knowledge and resources to the most vulnerable and marginalised groups across Vietnam. CSDS supports a wide range of projects aimed at young people taking responsibility for their own development varying from agriculture to sexual and mental health to youth empowerment.
  • NGO Traineeship Program – We selected 15 recent university graduates to participate in our NGO Traineeship Program, an initiative which addresses a lack of vocational training for NGO employment. We helped young people attain the skills and knowledge necessary to work in an NGO through a 3-week intensive workshop and a 3-month internship at a local NGO. Following overwhelmingly positive feedback from the participants and their NGOs, CSDS hopes to continue and expand this project in 2016.
  • Co-Creation Youth Forum – In December we launched our first youth forum, a platform to consolidate our youth networks and provide an enabling environment for young people to discuss development issues. 400 people and 18 youth groups enjoyed our opening exhibition, becoming inspired by networking with other young people and exploring the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. We also invited 70 people to attend a two day fully funded follow-up conference in Ba Vi. We hope to replicate the success of the event and make it bigger and better in 2016.
  • Moving to Raise – Most Vietnamese people are unaware that human trafficking is a huge problem in Vietnam, especially in mountainous areas close to the Chinese border. The Sustainable Development Club (SDC), established with the help of CSDS in 2011, recognised this lack of awareness and sought to change it. This year, CSDS helped SDC recognise their vision by securing funding from the US Embassy to implement an 8-month campaign in Lao Cai and Yen Bai. SDC successfully hosted a campaign in Lao Cai with 200 participants, and CSDS will continue to assist them in executing and funding further campaigns.