The university development internship program aims to provide university students with practical experience and skills so they can work effectively in development activities after graduation.

We work with selected international and Vietnamese universities to provide the opportunity for students to extend their training and experience in development work on the ground in Vietnam.  The most recent program was in conjunction with Western Australia’s Curtin University.

Intensive training before placement

The program includes three weeks of intensive training before placement as an intern within a non government or community based organization working to deliver the sustainable development goals as outlines by the UN.

This program benefits participants and partners by:

  • providing much needed opportunities for university students in development programs to gain real world experience in development-focused organisations
  • providing a supported physical and intellectual space for learning and mentorship for practical professional development
  • increasing cooperation opportunities between active civil society and academic institutions to achieve shared development objectives and goals

Program objectives

  • To enhance the capacity of entry-level development professionals to engage effectively and appropriately with development activities, projects and goals through training and mentoring
  • To provide quality career progression opportunities for participants
  • To contribute to sustainable development actions by enhancing the capacity of the host organisations
  • To increase collaboration between development agents by connecting participating tertiary institutions and local Community Service Organisations
  • To empower young people to take the lead in implementing innovative development projects through training, mentoring and access to opportunity.

The program has been established because emerging professionals wanting to gain experience in the development sector often find it challenging to access one of the limited opportunities to find an internship or employment in an NGO.

Participants will be able to make a tangible contribution to civil society development and issue-specific development objectives in Vietnam. At the same time they will gain invaluable skills and experience that will improve their chance of employment after graduation.

Field Study Program

This program is similar to the internship program but works with groups of students in social work or development work. This field study program does not include the intensive 3 week training, but training is included during the program that is usually one month.

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