In 2017, CSDS developed a strategic plan that guides our work for the next four years, from 2017-2021. Our strategic plan will allow us to focus on what really matters: empowering youth, creating engaged citizens and creating sustainable change in communities. CSDS was fortunate to receive support from one of our partners, the World University Service of Canada in Vietnam, who provided a Canadian specialist to assist with the development of our plan. Our strategic plan is focused around four areas of work:

  1. Becoming a knowledge hub actively preparing youth to become engaged in sustainable development;
  2. Positive change and meaningful experience through volunteerism;
  3. Partnership and advocacy;
  4. A work culture that strives for continuous improvement.

A visual representation of CSDS’s strategic plan. Graphic: the World University Service of Canada in Vietnam.

CSDS is committed to becoming a community leader empowering youth to influence sustainable development. Within the realm of youth empowerment, in the next four years CSDS will:

  1. Create meaningful opportunities for youth to gain development-related work experience;
  2. Provide training and tools to youth to strengthen leadership, innovation and project management skills;
  3. Increase opportunities for youth to exchange ideas, foster creativity and network.


At CSDS, we believe that strong partnerships are essential to creating sustainable change. This is why we have partnerships with a wide variety of local and international NGOs, schools, and businesses.

Our international volunteer program has strong partnerships with several local institutions where our volunteers work. Our local partners include:

If you are interested in volunteering at any of the above partners, please contact for more information.

CSDS is proud to partner with Vietnamese and international corporate partners, including:

We are also honoured to receive project-based funding from several bilateral and multilateral institutions. From 2015-2017, we received funding from:

  • Irish Aid
  • Oxfam
  • United Nations Development Programme/ United Nations Volunteer Programme
  • FMSI
  • Kenan Asia
  • Table for Two
  • The American Embassy in Hanoi’s YSEALI program
  • The British Council
  • European Commission / YouNet
  • The World University Service of Canada in Vietnam
  • Hanoi International Women’s Committee
  • VN Help
  • Sao Bien
  • The Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives in Vietnam, from the Canadian Embassy in Hanoi
  • GIZ

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