Technically called the  “Social Innovation and Incubator Hub everyone calls it by its friendly name: SOCI Hub. Sponsored, by the CSDS with support from Irish Aid, SOCI Hub is run by youth themselves for the purpose of nonprofit activities aimed at supporting and developing young people, especially young people who are socially active and interested in personal and community development. SOCI Hub activities include:

  • Providing a free place for young people, social groups, non-profits to come together
  • Organizing programs to improve the capacity of young people, such as skills training and knowledge sharing
  • Promoting cultural exchange between Vietnamese youth and international youth through cultural nights and field trips

The SOCI Hub is run by a group of dedicated youth volunteers who manage the space, promote activities, plan events, and report back to CSDS staff. They are the key to SOCI Hub’s success!

Please visit the official SOCI Hub website for full information about upcoming events, a directory of youth groups and learn how to get involved!