‘There is not going to be any competition and no one is stronger than the weakest link.’

The Lotus program is a program that empowers young people to create their own workshops, campaigns and projects, to make a change in their own community. This program takes place in SOCI Hub and is facilitated by our volunteer from Denmark, Soren. Soren created the program with a focus on unity and trust among the young participants to that they could help each other and enable them to create their own projects about this course. A total of 15 participants are engaged with the project where they learn about their own values and how these can be used when working together to initiate change.

This interactive course is the first of its kind for CSDS and even though it has a lot of similarities to the ‘I commit’ program the content is still unique. The whole program is based on Soren’s experience in project management from his work in the municipality of Roskilde, and other talent and capacity building programs from Denmark. Because unity and trust are the main focus areas of the course, Soren has invited all the participants out for coffee at a café called ‘Oriberry’ where the participants will speak about their project ideas. This will give an idea of the content of the program, for the next two months where the participants will be going through an intense schedule.

The Lotus Program’s participants