Our mission is to empower and support youth by providing them the skills and opportunities they need in order to become agents of sustainable change and development in their communities.  



Our vision is a society where young people are valued and empowered to act as innovative contributors to a sustainable and equal world.



The Centre for Sustainable Development Studies was founded in Hanoi in 2009 by Don Tuan Phuong, with a mission to further the sustainable development of Vietnam through community-based interventions. In 2010, CSDS received an award for CSIP Vietnam for a social entrepreneurship project, which kickstarted our work. In 2012, we started our popular International Volunteer Program, were awarded grants for community-based tourism projects and began our long-lasting New Horizons project. Many of CSDS’s earlier projects focused on education, the environment, and young people. As CSDS matured, we realized we had a particular talent for working with, and for, young people! 

In the past years, we have received grants from several international organizations, donor governments, and local non-profit organizations. Currently, we work with several global partners in the running of our International Volunteer program. While our focus on sustainable development remains as strong as ever, we have built upon our strengths to deliver programming that empowers young people to act as agents of sustainable change in their communities.