The Centre for Sustainable Development Studies is a legally-registered Vietnamese non-governmental organization which focuses on youth empowerment and community development through youth engagement, dialogue and active citizenship. CSDS’s operations are divided into two main areas which both support CSDS’s mission of empowering and supporting youth: the international volunteer program and youth development projects.

CSDS’s programs focus on youth development, community development and international volunteer exchange. We work with youth, empowering them through capacity building and civic engagement. We provide training on leadership, volunteer management and social entrepreneurship using non-formal educational approaches that enhance personal growth and social impact. Our strength is tapping into the undiscovered potential of young people to educate and build the leaders of tomorrow that will drive the development of Vietnam.


International Volunteer Program 

CSDS’s international volunteer program is beloved by Vietnamese youth and international volunteers. Every year, CSDS welcomes over 500 local and international volunteers, and places them with local schools, hospitals, and NGOs where they are needed most. Volunteering with local partners in Vietnam offers international volunteers a chance to utilize their knowledge, skills and experience in a holistic and stimulating working environment. These NGOs address various issues such as supporting underprivileged communities, environmental conservation and children’s rights. Volunteers support 13 different local partners that are all concerned with youth or children, and work towards the empowerment of youth in Vietnam at the grassroots level.


Youth Development Projects

At any given time, CSDS is implementing several different youth development projects, which are time-bound and funded by local and international donors. All the projects are thematically related through their focus on youth and community. CSDS’s works with international and local partners to implement projects and are committed to improving the future of Vietnam through youth empowerment and engagement. Many of CSDS’s youth focused programs have to do with the capacity building of Vietnamese youth through education and training, and includes one project which promotes active citizenship through civic education for youth.

Some of the projects currently being implemented include:

  • “Gender Dialogues”: a series of interactive trainings for youth groups on gender advocacy tools and frameworks, who then implement small-scale gender equality projects in their own communities. Funded by the Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives in Vietnam.
  • “Bright Future Fund (BFF)”: funded by the Hanoi International Women’s Club, BFF increases educational equity by supporting over 20 students from disadvantaged backgrounds to attend university in Hanoi by paying their tuition and providing a support network for them in Hanoi.
  • “Youth Drivers for Change” :  a comprehensive youth development program funded by IrishAid, this program comprises several activities aimed at engaging and building the significant potential of Vietnamese youth in the civil society sector.