2030 Youth Force is a network of young leaders from Asia-Pacific countries, founded by the United Nations Development Program and United Nations Volunteers in Asia. There are currently five different national networks of the 2030 Youth Force in Asia, including: Nepal, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia and the Philippines.
2030 Youth Force uses SDG 16 as an entry point to focus on youth participation in decision making while working towards the following goals:
  • Inspire youth to participate in activities which contribute to complete the 17 SDGs.
  • Motivate youth to create optimistic changes towards an inclusive and peaceful society

In Vietnam, 2030 Youth Force is a network of Vietnamese youth organizations which promotes the active involvement of youth to create positive change for Vietnamese society. The 2030 Youth Force also promotes work towards achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals the United Nations has set for 2030.

2030 Youth Force participants at a 2017 event. Photo: CSDS.

Under the scope of this project, CSDS will support the 2030 Youth Force with project management, development of work plans, managing sources of funding, and co-organizing public events. CSDS consolidates lessons learned and best practices on meaningful youth participation, which will serve as inputs for interested organizations and individuals who want to work with youth. CSDS also ensures synergies and connections between the 2030 Youth Force in Vietnam and its ongoing work on youth engagement work with UN agencies and other donor-funded projects.

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