Young people are one of Vietnam’s greatest resources, yet they often have difficulty organizing and connecting with policy leaders in order to be productive voices in development progress in Vietnam. For this reason, every year the Youth Drivers for Change project hosts the Youth Forum and Youth Dialogue. The third annual Youth Forum is taking place in Hanoi from December 1-4, 2017.

Youth Forum 2016 participants work together to develop policy recommendations. Photo: CSDS.

Bringing Youth Together

Since 2015, the annual Youth Forum has been bringing together Vietnamese youth to pool their voices together so they can be greater contributors to Vietnamese civil society. This innovative event brings diverse young leaders together and facilitates discussion around current issues most relevant to them, CSDS nurtures the next generation of leaders. Every year, seventy youth leaders gather in Hanoi for two days of intensive discussions, workshops and sharing. By the end of two lively days, the participants create an engaging policy report, outlining the challenges young Vietnamese people face in their lives, and suggestions and solutions to social issues that concern them.

Happy forum participants in 2016. Photo: CSDS.

Policy Dialogues

The final element of the Youth Forum is the Policy Dialogue event. This event brings together the youth from the Youth Forum and high-level Policy Makers from different levels of the Vietnamese government. Youth Forum participants present the ideas outlined in their report and have a change to dialogue directly with policy leaders. The Dialogues give the opportunity for youth to connect with leaders they would otherwise not be able to, creating a spirit of mutual respect and developing the talent of youth leaders.

Group work at Youth Forum 2016. Photo: CSDS.


The Youth Forum is part of the Youth Drivers for Change project, generously funded by IrishAid.