This was an important project for CSDS which took place in 2015/16. Young@Heart is a global initiative of Oxfam which aims to:

  • Empower youth to raise their voices in order to articulate their needs and aspirations
  • Create an enabling space whereby decision makers in the public and private sphere are willing to listen to young people and take action to address their needs and aspirations
  • Utilize innovative approaches for voicing of youth concerns through mobilization and multi-stakeholder collaboration, thus shifting the terms of debate in society.

In Vietnam, CSDS implemented the Young@Heart project together with Oxfam throughout 2015/16. The overall intent is to enhance the influence of youth on the development agenda by moving from interventions for youth to interventions by youth, by placing youth at the central core; the very heart of this project. Working together with young people, the Young@Heart project was comprised of the following activities:

  • A scoping study to identify autonomous youth volunteer movements in which young people are actively engaged in development work
  • An Exploration Lab to find out the specific concerns, desires and interests of young people; gain a deeper understanding of their lifestyles and preoccupations and capture their lives
  • An Innovation Lab to develop innovative concepts, formats and partnerships for activities that highlight the discoveries and ideas generated in the Exploration Lab and bring forth the voice of youth
  • A Campaigning Lab to provide young people with the skills and resources to plan and run their own lobbying campaigns on key youth issues raised in the Exploration Lab, using innovative tools and platforms for advocacy.