Young Spirit represents the common interest of three organizations in South East Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar) in facilitating exchange of young people with belief that their young spirit will facilitate mutual understanding and inspire others to act for changes in the region and in the world. The exchange is funded by the FK – a Norwegian Government agency – that creates development by bringing people together to learn, share and understand each other.

Within the project, each country will select 04 participants who will join various activities with their sending organization in their home country and in either of two countries Cambodia or Myanmar.

Young Spirit project is now recruiting 04 Vietnamese volunteers to join this project. Details are as below:

2. DURATION: 16 months of which

Jul 15 - Dec 15, 2018

as volunteer with CSDS

Dec 28, 2018 – Jan 14, 2019:

preparatory training course in Vietnam and Norway

Jan 21 – May 19, 2019:

volunteer at home country or in Cambodia/Myanmar

May 27 – Sep 27, 2019:

volunteer in Myanmar/Cambodia or at home country

Oct 1 – Nov 30, 2019:

Follow up at home country

Participants are covered for:

  • Return ticket to Norway and to hosting country (Myanmar or Cambodia)
  • All costs related to preparatory courses in Vietnam and in Norway.
  • Food and accommodation for 09 months of project in Vietnam and in hosting country (Myanmar or Cambodia) from January to September 2019.
  • Monthly allowance for 09 months of project in Vietnam and in hosting country (Myanmar or Cambodia) from January to September 2019.
  • Health insurance for 09 months of project in Vietnam and in hosting country (Myanmar or Cambodia) from January to September 2019.
  • Local transportation related to work for all 15 months.
  • Be between the ages of 20 and 27 (senior, recent graduate from a university/college…)
  • Be a Vietnamese citizen
  • Have a proficient level of verbal and written English.
  • Commit to FULLY participate 11 months of project (Jan-Nov 2019) plus 5 months as a volunteer with CSDS (Jul 15 to Dec 15, 2018), supporting international volunteer program and youth development project.
Expected attitudes:

-Cultural awareness



-Team spirit

-Eagerness for learning

-Respect for differences


-Application deadline: 23:59 pm 7 June, 2018

2018/06/07 23:59:59
Application Link: http://bit.ly/youngspirit2018

-Application screening and shortlisted candidates interviewed: June 2018 (Skype interview is accepted for participants from outside of Hanoi).

-Final selection results: End of June 201


Ms. Thuy, Program Officer, Center for Sustainable Development Studies (CSDS)

Email: thuynguyen@csdsvnnew.azurewebsites.net

Phone: 024 60278323 (9am – 5pm, Mon – Fri)

Website: http://csdsvnnew.azurewebsites.net/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CSDS.VN/

*Program Info:

-Arrival Orientation and city tour guide for incoming volunteers and in workcamp (once or twice)

-Facilitate in youth exchange workshop (leadership, culture, active citizenship, awareness sharing)

-Creating and involving Local action (eg- Youth Centre in Yangon, develop guidebook for foreigners to engage with community, assist in voter education campaign, preparation logistics support for workshop and training)

-Support to culture and language sharing sessions in the community