Phuc Tue Centre


The Phuc Tue Caring Centre is a non-profit; non-government day care organisation based in Hanoi for the care of mentally and physically impaired children.

The Centre was established in June 2001 and the two branches in Hanoi provide care and education for about 100 children and young people (aged 2 to 22 years old) who are suffering from the effects of agent orange, autism, down syndrome and Japanese encephalitis.

The Centre’s aims are to:

  • Provide mentally and physically impaired children opportunities to receive an education and to feel included with their local community
  • Provide assistance for those children suffering from developmental disabilities.
  • Early grade academic learning and education programs that include physical education and therapy, yoga, painting and poetry.

Activities of volunteers in Phuc Tue centre

Our volunteers assist in the therapy room in the centre where students receive physical treatment every school day.

There are three main kinds of document volunteers need to read before working in therapy room:

  • An introduction to the project with information about the students
  • A folder of activities and exercise for different purposes volunteers can use.
  • A folder recording all the activities previous volunteers did and current volunteers are doing.

Every month volunteers are asked to write a summary progress report for each individual student.

Working hours

Our volunteers work in the therapy room each morning from 9.00 am to 11.00 am.  There is translation support for the volunteers.


All materials are kept in the Phuc Tue centre and copies from each folder are kept in CSDS office. Volunteers may buy materials to support for his or her work.

Volunteers will be introduced to the director and nurses. They will be shown keys of the rooms and cupboard, so volunteers can come to work separately, without the nurse.

Challenges for volunteers

Students may not cooperate well at the beginning and may be stubborn with activities they do not like, so please be creative and flexible.

Conditions at the centre are not to western standards, so please be flexible.  Use available materials in the room and give comments to improve the situation.

If you’d like to find out more contact us at