Morning Star (Sao Mai) Centre

The centre was first funded by a Netherlands organisation and was the first day-care centre in Hanoi providing support for children with mental disability. When the funding ended, the director recognised the importance and efficiency of the model for the children with disability. Apart from calling for other financial and non-financial support, she decided to maintain the model by asking parents to pay for their children’s tuition fees. A number of children at the centre are from middle-income families from other provinces. In order to take their children back and forth from the centre each day they have to rent rooms to stay and find some work in the city. Those families who are in difficulty do get support from the centre with reduced tuition fees.

Picture1Working hours: —From Monday to Friday: 8.30 to 11.00am and 2.00 to 4.00 or 4.30pm.

Our volunteers help manage children; support and instruct children to do exercises during individual lessons; join activities (playing games, doing physical exercise, singing songs); do massages and physical therapy for cerebral palsy children; help prepare and make teaching materials; pay attention to children and prevent them from hitting, punching each other or self-hurt if any.

During lunch volunteers help feed children if necessary, help and instruct kids to arrange chairs and tables and clean rooms

Picture3During breaks volunteers play games with children and help manage the children.

We would appreciate it if volunteers can contribute by preparing activities for children, initiate new activities and suggest new activities, teaching materials to the teachers.

Challenges faced by volunteers include:

  • Language barrier
  • Working with children with a mental disability: Communication and handling their behaviour
  • Cultural differences.

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