Friendship Village

Friendship Village is a residential health and educational centre for children living with the affects of dioxins from the herbicide “Agent Orange”. The Village also provides health care and therapy for war veterans who can stay for a period of one to two months. Friendship Village is a symbol of international solidarity, reconciliation and the continued efforts to heal the pains of war caused by Agent Orange.

Friendship Village was founded in 1992 by George Mizo, an American veteran who was interested in helping to repair the damage done to the Vietnamese people and to Vietnam-US relations by the war.  The main mission of Friendship Village is to provide residents with a variety of  health treatments.  Food is grown in an on-site garden and education in trades and crafts is provided.

The Friendship Village complex has two living quarters, two classroom buildings, a health centre and buildings used by the staff for cooking and general administration. It also has an assortment of vegetable gardens that help to meet its need for vegetables.

Friendship Village welcomes around 120 residents, aged from 4 to 26 from different provinces of Vietnam. The residents’ disabilities include autism, cerebral-palsy, Down syndrome, physical deformity and severe mental disability.

The staff includes nurses, medical technicians and therapists, as well as teachers and caregivers.

Volunteers and interns main responsibilities

Friendship Village is willing to work with volunteers with a background or solid experience in special education, childcare, teaching, physical therapy and medical fields.

Our volunteers support the Village in tasks such as:

  • Sharing skills with the teachers and helping to prepare teaching material.
  • Support and development of the physical and speech therapy programs.
  • Training staff about new medical therapies, treatments and special education methods.
  • Accompanying the children during the class (helping them to focus, doing the exercises with them and encouragement).
  • Cleaning the classrooms and houses
  • Organising games and activities suitable for the children,
  • Teaching English to the staff/teachers and the residents.

Requirements for the interns and volunteers

  • Have a background or solid experience in working with children or disabled people, in teaching or in any medical field
  • Open minded and flexible
  • Patient
  • Proactive and creative
  • Aged over 20
  • Minimum stay of 4 weeks

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