Benh Vien Nhi Hospital

When hospitalised, children face huge changes in their life that can substantially affect their mental well-being. The Little Seeds project at the National Hospital of Pediatrics of Hanoi (Benh Vien Nhi) brings recreational and educational activities that can make their journey easier.

The team of local and international volunteers work together to organise activities for the hospitalised children and help the patients and their family to overcome the burden of the hospitalisation by creating a friendly and positive atmosphere.

Our volunteers organise activities for children such as handicrafts; drawing and coloring; singing and dancing gently; learning English; one-to-one games; group games; telling stories via puppet shows and lessons about hygiene and nutrition.

Activities are conducted from Monday to Friday (except Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon) in the morning from 9:30-11:30 am and in the afternoon from 2:30-04:30pm

It can be a challenging environment for the volunteers, dealing with negative feelings, working with different children every day and children from different age groups (6+). Children come and leave often.

There is also a language barrier for international volunteers. Even with the help of the local volunteers, communicating with the children and their parents can sometimes be difficult and frustrating.

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