Volunteer in Vietnam

Lily and baby in Bo De

You can change the world…while you change your life!

Do you want to travel and at the same time use your valuable skills and abilities to enhance the lives of others? Would you like to escape the daily grind and pressure associated with day-to-day living and instead become inspired to make a difference to the livelihood of Vietnamese people of various ages. If you’d like to find out more contact us at info@csds.vn

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The opportunity to make a difference

Volunteering with CSDS in Hanoi, Vietnam is a highly rewarding, inspiring and a once in a lifetime opportunity. Whether teaching English to eager and curious students, providing love and support to disabled children or making a valuable contribution to any of the numerous CSDS community projects, international volunteers will become engrossed in the daily lives of local Vietnamese children and families.

Exhibition (1)CSDS takes pride in giving international volunteers an effective means of making a substantial difference in their selected volunteer program. With a vision to improve the livelihood of various groups in Vietnam, CSDS ensures volunteers are able to be utilised to their maximum potential to make this vision possible and we make sure your experience and abilities are aligned to your volunteering program.

The Vietnamese people

The Vietnamese people make the experience of volunteering in Vietnam such a special and heart-warming experience. Vietnamese people have a unique reverence for foreigners that makes interactions with locals a humbling experience. It is becoming commonplace at CSDS that volunteers are cancelling flights home or returning to live in Vietnam due to the gracious, unassuming and beautiful nature of the Vietnamese people. International volunteers are a rarity in Vietnam and are often stopped to have a chat, a photo or to be invited to a family gathering.

A city of contrasts – Hanoi

Hanoi is a city of contrasts. At street level, marketplaces, street food and buildings hundreds of years old preserve the unique Vietnamese culture, while newly developed skyscrapers and a hustling city life complete this city of contrasts. Lakes of tranquillity and beautiful parks are set amongst the carefully orchestrated chaos of bustling streets and markets. Hanoi is an eventful and constantly evolving city with a population that boasts a quiet, easy going and reflective lifestyle.


Vietnamese culture is unique and compelling. From eating irresistible street food on main roads, to shopping in bustling markets to eating at high quality restaurants, Vietnam gives volunteers an experience unlike any other country.

Affordability and comfort

To say Vietnam is affordable is an understatement. International volunteers often get a pleasant surprise when they realise they can live comfortably in Vietnam for an absolute minimal amount. Such affordability allows volunteers to stay for long periods of time without spending all their hard earned savings.

Another pleasant surprise for many new international volunteers is the comfortable accommodation. Hot showers, delicious hot cooked food every lunch and dinner, a quality location and comfy sleeping lodgings makes the accommodation at CSDS a further incentive for volunteers to stay for longer periods than originally planned!   If you’d like to find out more contact us at info@csds.vn