The School Feeding Program is a project run in partnership between Table for Two Vietnam and CSDS. The project aims to provide nutritious meals daily at three kindergartens in the Van Ho district of the Son La province for children from disadvantaged families in this remote mountainous area of Vietnam. The aim of the project is to decrease malnutrition among children in this area while also increasing school attendance. The project started in October 20th, 2014 and has been visited every third month by CSDS staff to monitor and examine the progress of the project. The project continues in 2016 to support 62 students from three kindergartens.

This field trip gathered more participants than usual, as representatives from “Pizza for Peace Hanoi” and representatives from “Total Gas Vietnam” joined the trip. The representatives were pleased with their visit and got to see the kindergartens, interact with the children, take photos, and help out with the measuring process.

The team met and discussed the project with the head teachers of all kindergartens (Pa Che, Pa Che II. & Pa Cop II.) and all of the participating children present got measured and weighed. At Pa Cop II the team arrived just in time for lunch and got to witness the children helping out with bringing out food and setting the table. The children enjoyed their lunch and afterwards took out their dishes to the washing station outside. After that, all of the children present got measured and weighed.

The three kindergarten visits were a good opportunity for the team to take photographs of the teaching facilities and see how lunch was provided at Pa Cop II. Additionally, it gave the team the chance to discuss the progress of the project with key persons like the teachers, the local coordinator and parents.
The recent findings indicate that the nutritious lunches provided by TFT and CSDS lead to several benefits such as increased school attendance, and increased independence of the children (help with setting the table, serving food, cleaning dishes after lunch).