Volunteer at a Special Education Centre

In 2006, there were only a few centres that focused on early intervention for autistic children and the supply did not meet the demand for children in Hanoi and provinces nearby.

To develop a new and professional model for early intervention the Khanh Tam Special Education Research and Consultation Centre was established with 10 children in the centre. By 2014, there were 50 children taken into care and looked after by 20 teachers and caregivers.

Our volunteers assist in the delivery of the programs the centre provides including living skills, reading, writing and calculating skills and sensory therapy.

Operations at the Centre

The Centre conducts research on special education, including on:

  • Consulting and training for people who work in special education.
  • Early detection, education and treatment for disabled children
  • Early intervention for disabled children in the centre

After 10 years they have developed deep knowledge and holistic services to help children, specifically:

  • Early intervention: target group 2-5 years old. The program helps children develop skills  such as communication skills and playing with others that will help them integrate into society.
  • Primary and elementary program: target group: 6-12 years old. The program works on reading, writing and calculation.
  • School function program: target group 6-12 years old who have no ability to study the standard primary school program.
  • Living skills program: target group 10-16 years old who have no ability to integrate into society or study the standard primary school program. Children focus on learning living skills. Primary working skills and career orientation are taught to prepare children for adulthood.

The program also organizes extra-curricular and outdoor activities that focus on learning social and life skills.

Volunteer activities

Volunteers with experience or qualifications in the field of caring for disabled children are needed to help staff with clinical and special educational assistance.

Other volunteers help with the following tasks:

  • Caring for and playing with the disabled children.
  • Feeding the children during lunch time.
  • Networking and fundraising.
  • Organising charity campaigns for books, old clothes and old shoes for the children.
  • Organising out-door activities for students.

Volunteer requirements:

  • Love working with disabled children
  • Be mature and friendly
  • Patient and sociable
  • Aged 18+
  • Volunteers with background or experience in medical work or disability are preferred

If you’d like to find out more contact us at info@csdsvnnew.azurewebsites.net