From February 24 to March 4, 2019 CSDS was honored to host the first seminar of Project ‘Second Chance’, sponsored by the European Commission’s Erasmus+ Programme. The project involves active participation of Non-Governmental Organizations from Lithuania (IC), Vietnam (CSDS), Peru (BVPB), South Africa (CA).

‘Second Chance’ focuses on learning and sharing best practices on social integration and social inclusion especially towards ex-offenders. During 9 days of the seminar, 20 participants from 4 countries had a chance to visit and interact with different target groups including ex-prisoners, ex-offenders, drug users, sex workers, LGBT and orphan kids. They shared their true stories openly which helped seminar participants get a deeper understanding of the reasons why a person might end up committing crime and doing illegal things, understanding how people around treat them and what kinds of discrimination and stigma that these people have to face in their daily life. Participants also visited and met with Directors from different NGOs in Vietnam such as SCDI, Hoa Binh Social Work Center and Blue Dragon whose mission is “to enhance the quality of life and the ability of vulnerable and disadvantaged populations to integrate into society”.The project will continue with similar activities in partnering countries Peru and South Africa where participants will have more opportunities to learn from each other.

Meet and talk with New Horizon group in Thai Nguyen