Teach English in Vietnam

In Vietnam, learning English has become a pre-requisite for students. Having the ability to speak English presents individuals with many opportunities such as travelling and studying overseas, working for international companies, communicating with foreigners, listening to foreign music and watching international movies and television shows . Learning English is a central focus for most schools throughout Vietnam.

This emphasis on teaching English presents international volunteers with a remarkable opportunity to allow students to practise their English skills and teach students new and exciting topics. International volunteers will teach specially designed curriculum (designed by CSDS in partnership with local schools) that will ensure volunteers are able to have a meaningful impact on the student’s development in learning English.

In-depth training is provided to all international volunteers prior to teaching. This training introduces volunteers to the tailor-made curriculum, specific games to play, methods of interacting with students and an overview of the major objectives for volunteers to achieve.

Teaching in Vietnam schools is highly rewarding. Students have an utmost respect and admiration for foreign teachers and are always enthusiastic, polite, and easily allow volunteers to create a fun and exciting environment. Volunteers in the past have become celebrities within their respected schools due to the interactions volunteers are able to have with students. Share and teach students your unique sporting, creative, dancing (or any other) skills and be prepared for a riotous approval!


Graduate Internship Program

The CSDS graduate internship is an exciting opportunity for graduates or students currently undertaking a degree to take time off before embarking on a career or to have time off from their current studies. Teaching English in Vietnam will allow graduates to make a valuable contribution to the lives of school children, to develop and grow personally and to also have a highly valued experience to highlight in their resumes.

The graduate internship program allows volunteers to teach a specially designed curriculum to students of many ages (5-18), to work with local Vietnamese teachers to improve the overall quality of teaching, to join students on excursions and to provide students with a constantly fun and interactive learning environment.

Interns will also have opportunities to travel to schools in rural areas where they will stay with host families. These teaching opportunities are often in spectacular mountainous regions and provide volunteers with the ability to teach to students who may have never seen foreigners. Such an experience is extremely rewarding and inspiring.

People with various work experience and ages are accepted. People with experience in teaching and education or those with experience working with children are highly desired.

Working professionals and semi-retired people will not only have the opportunity to teach English in various settings, but also, depending on experience and length of stay, will have many opportunities to become involved in developing curriculum, designing school excursions and expanding the network of schools engaging with CSDS.

Teaching English based on set curriculum

Teach English to children from ages 5-18 in a variety of unique settings. Depending on experience, volunteers have opportunities to teach English to those with minimal experience in speaking English or to work and improve the speaking skills of students at a more advanced level.

Developing a curriculum for Teaching English

  • Work with local schools to develop tailored curriculum for volunteers teaching English. CSDS works with a variety of schools with different wants and needs. This variation provides volunteers with the opportunity to develop curriculum to achieve these diverse needs.
  • Working with schools to design and organise excursions
  • Working with local schools to develop educational and cultural excursions for children of all ages.
  • Working with new schools to expand the network of schools engaging with CSDS.

For volunteers looking for distinct ways to use their specialised competences, CSDS will work with you to expand the network of schools to adopt curriculum created by CSDS.

Creating training plans for international volunteers

Volunteers will be able to work with CSDS in updating and introducing new training activities to improve the overall quality of international volunteers teaching English. If you’d like to find out more contact us at info@csdsvnnew.azurewebsites.net