Sao Bien Project

Primary education is a basic human right. Every young child should have the opportunity to go to school, to foster their potential and develop a brighter future. However, during and after natural disasters, education is often not at the forefront of considerations as communities struggle to survive and rebuild. Ignoring the educational needs of children after a natural disaster does them and their community a disservice and will result in lost months or years of their education.

For the past two years, the Sao Bien project has been constructing schools in mountainous areas of northern Vietnam to further the goal of educational equality. So far, we’ve built schools in four locations under this project! It is a collaborative effort between three NGOs: CSDS, Volunteers for Peace Vietnam, and Sao Bien: Room for Education.

Sao Bien is an organization dedicated to supporting education in poor regions and villages in Vietnam through the building of small schools. Over the next three years Sao Bien aims to build at least ten schools, with more to be added if funding is secured. Up to fifty students can benefit from each school built by the Sao Bien project, with a total of over 300 students benefitting so far. Most of the students that have benefited from these schools are from ethnic minority families, who are desperately in need of better education for their children.

The construction of the schools is done by a Hanoi-based company, who pre-assemble the schools in Hanoi using the latest technology, and then transport all materials and do the final assembly and safety checks on-site.

A brighter hope for students in Ta Ghenh Village

In 2017/18, this project is re-building the kindergarden in Ta Ghenh village, in Mu Cang Chai District, Yen Bai Province. This district is one of the poorest and most underserved areas of Vietnam. Rough terrain and extreme weather have hindered many of the people’s activities, including cultivation of food, production and development of infrastructure such as electricity, water, transportation, and construction. Moreover, the area also suffers from extensive human and property damage caused by annually recurring natural disasters, especially flash floods and landslides. This year is also not an exception.

A teacher in Ta Ghenh village says children desperately need a new school.

According to the Disaster Prevention – Search and Rescue Committee of Yen Bai province, the damage caused by flash floods in Mu Cang Chai District is estimated at around 160 billion VND.. Many buildings were destroyed, partially and completely. In the district, six public works were severely damaged, including the Ta Ghenh Location of Lao Chai Kindergarten School (Mu Cang Chai).

This is the most geographically challenging area of the commune; the flood has washed away the school and turned it into a spring. Locals have tried to repair the slightly damaged schools themselves, however Ta Gheng School must be completely rebuilt.

In 2017/18, Sao Bien is proud to be rebuilding the kindergarden for the Ta Ghenh village.