The New Horizons teaching programs are designed to help the young people of Quoc Oai, a semi-rural, outlying area of Hanoi. The teaching programs include the Community English Class, the Summer Program, the School Support Program and Vocational Training.  The program commenced in 2013 and is funded by the Foundation for Marist Solidarity International (FMSI).

Every week English community classes are conducted for primary, middle school and high school students outside school hours. We offer lessons for four different levels: starter, beginner, elementary and pre-intermediate. The program content aims to provide extra-curricular English tuition focusing on pronunciation as well as speaking and listening skills.

The Summer Program is structured to provide opportunities for students who are keen on English but cannot attend the English Community Class because of the conflicts with school scheduling.

The School Support Program aims to provide schools with extra resources for English teachers. It helps teachers with their own English skills, assist in the teaching of conversational skills and to encourage an English speaking environment for the children.

The quality of English teaching quality in local schools has also improved with the assistance of English native speaking volunteers, especially in the area of pronunciation.

The project has particularly succeeded in delivering assistance to disadvantaged students to help them pursue their education and dreams.

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