Teaching Project – English

Photo by CSDS.

In November 2015 CSDS welcomed two international volunteers from Ohio, Susan and Jack Chomsky, who stayed with us for over 2 months and dedicated much of their time to the English teaching project at a local secondary school.

Nguyen Tat Thanh School is a specialized school for primary and secondary level, managed by Hanoi Pedagogical University and it is located in Cau Giay district, only about 15 minutes from CSDS.

CSDS international volunteers aim to improve student’s listening and speaking skills, and improve their pronunciation by assisting local teachers in managing the classes as well as organizing games and other activities for the students. While Susan and Jack did an excellent job supporting the classes, they also put a great amount of dedication, enthusiasm and love into their work.

At the end of their last class all students as well as the teachers gave Susan and Jack a round of applause and expressed their gratitude for their effort and contribution to all classes.

Thank you, Ohio! We hope to see you soon!


Photo by CSDS.


Thisha Nallaratnam from Australia only spent two short weeks volunteering with CSDS, however she was very satisfied with her experience. Despite the humidity and chaos, which she humorously calls an ‘ordered disorder’, and with the support of friendly local staff, she managed to blend in immediately.

Thisha volunteered in one of our childcare projects at a local center for autistic children and children affected by ADHD, the Khanh Tam Center. She was very happy with her volunteering experience as she is a pharmacist and has a brief background in developmental disorders, and had always wanted to gain insight into what it is like to work with autistic children, as well as to see the use of different approaches to work with autistic children.

Sometimes she found working with autistic children quite tricky and difficult, however she also appreciated the fact that they were very affectionate with a lot of love to give. Musical activities, which included dancing, following various songs and cooperating, were her favorite part of the day.

Her favorite part of the entire stay was meeting many different and interesting people, including other volunteers, staff, locals, and children.



Teaching Project – French

Photo by CSDS.

Maїté Singelyn form Belgium arrived in October 2015 stayed with CSDS for over 3 months. She spent most of her time volunteering in a local school as a French teacher, which according to her was an amazing experience.

She made hundreds of beautiful memories and met many interesting people, both in the volunteer house and her work placement, including all of the children at the school. Her favorite part of the day were the breaks between lessons as she had some free time to spend and play with her students, whom she is going to miss on her travels.

Maїté is now on her way to Ho Chi Minh, Mekong Delta, and Bali, as she would like to do some travelling before she comes back to CSDS to say her final goodbye and then leaves Vietnam.


“Happiness is not a destination but a way of life.”