International Volunteering Exchange

When you volunteer in Vietnam – be it teaching English, working in a children’s hospital, or interning for a local NGO – what you learn is just as important as what you give to others.  Vietnam has been changing rapidly in the past fifteen years, and as a volunteer you will be able to witness the incredible progress that has been made and understand the challenges that remain.

Despite progress in recent years, volunteering remains just as important as ever to achieve the sustainable development of Vietnam. The change CSDS wants to create is sustainable, long-term, with a view to the future. We provide the cultural expertise and opportunities, and you come with an open heart and loads of motivation to make the world a better place. From individual to group volunteering, from two weeks to over six months, we offer volunteers the supportive environment they need to succeed in their placements.

Learning and sharing goes both ways when you volunteer with CSDS, and creating cross-cultural bonds is a huge part of what we aim to do. Bring your passion to work every day with you and you’ll be rewarded with friendships, cultural knowledge, and the experience of a lifetime.

Take a look at our partners and projects, and imagine the life-changing opportunities that await you in Vietnam!


CSDS is proud to offer international volunteers placements at several local non-governmental organizations, schools, and hospitals. Our projects include childcare, language teaching, NGO internships and more! Contact us at with any questions.

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