Our Vision, Mission and Values


A society in which young people are empowered and legitimised as active and innovative contributors to a sustainable and equal world.


To empower and support youth to build their capacity to affect long-term change in regards to development issues.


Integrity is our primary value because it sets the standard for everything we do and believe in.

Fairness is crucial for determining what is best for any situation, from the way we treat our staff and volunteers to how we resolve conflicts.

Reliability and personal responsibility are necessary for maintaining consistency between our actions and principles.


How We Work

Young spirit, diversity and respect for differences

Working with young people starts from where they are in relation to their own values, beliefs and perspectives. CSDS’ core value is to treat young people with respect, value their individual differences, promote understanding of others, as well as challenge oppressive ideas.

Positive relationships and inclusion

We recognize and respect young people as well as their network of peers, communities and cultures, and help them achieve stronger relationship and collective identities through the promotion of social inclusion.

Capacity for personal growth

We strengthen young people’s confidence and capacity to grow through a supportive group environment


We help young people connect with other agencies which can make a positive contribution to their social, educational and personal growth.

Participation and commitment

We widen young people’s horizons, promote active participation and social commitment by encouraging youth to be critical and creative in their work as well as personal life.