About CSDS

The Center for Sustainable Development Studies (CSDS) is a Vietnamese non-profit organization legally registered in 2009. Our main objective is to contribute to the achievement of the global goals for sustainable development through youth active citizenship, youth empowerment and global exchange. We enhance youth influence on the development agenda through building the capacity of young people and expanding their opportunities to participate in social action and activism.

Youth Drivers for Change

The YDC project implements activities through a variety of channels to engage and build the existing and significant potential of Vietnamese youth in the civil society sector. Through enhancing young people’s access to and engagement with broader grassroots civil society organizations, both the youth and the communities involved benefit, often in innovative ways. We aim to strengthen the capacity of core youth-led CBOs in undertaking social actions.

Active Citizen Training

Active Citizens is a programme run by the British Council in partnership with civil society organizations who share our vision. The programme works with people who have demonstrated they have local social responsibility, including youth workers, women’s groups, educators and faith leaders.

Working together, these local influencers build trust and understanding, develop skills and deliver projects on urgent themes such as poverty, literacy, democracy and climate change, and connecting local and international agendas through the programme.


Young@Heart is a global initiative of Oxfam which aims to empower youth to raise their voices in order to articulate their needs and aspirations; create an enabling space whereby decision makers in the public and private sphere are willing to listen to young people and take action to address their needs and aspirations; and utilize innovative approaches for voicing of youth concerns through mobilization and multi-stakeholder collaboration, thus shifting the terms of debate in society.

Women Empowerment

In recent years, local banks and government agencies in Vietnam have initiated several micro finance models that provide poor people with low interest rate loans to start their own income generating businesses. Despite their effectiveness it has been found that poor women in particular lack awareness of the importance of developing assets and resources of their own as well as the skills required to utilize these resources.

Our project aims to empower poor women in rural and remote communities through increasing their skills, knowledge and access to resources and reduce poverty in these communities through systematic asset building activities.

New Horizon

The New Horizons teaching programs are designed to help the young people of Quoc Oai, a semi-rural, outlying are of Hanoi, and to provide help with English learning and teaching. About 28 English community classes are conducted for primary, middle school and high school students every week outside school hours, and offer lessons for 4 different levels: starter, beginner, elementary and pre-intermediate. The program content aims to provide extra curricula English tuition focusing on pronunciation as well as speaking and listening skills.

Moving to Raise

Center for Sustainable Development has recently launched a new project called ‘Moving to Raise’ to combat human trafficking. The project is funded by the U.S. Embassy through Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) program and comprises several anti-human trafficking campaigns conducted in Lao Cai and Yen Bai, two regions of Vietnam where human trafficking has become a serious issue.

At the above-mentioned locations CSDS holds several events to raise awareness about human trafficking and educate the local communities about prevention, avoidance, combating, and how to help its victims.

Table for Two

Van Ho is a community of nine villages with nearly 8,000 residents. Access to health care, education and clean drinking water in five of nine villages is limited.

Currently in Van Ho Commune, there are 739 children aged 2-6, who are supposed to be in kindergartens for pre-education. However, the dropout rates are high in comparison with national rates with only 639 children in kindergarten in 2013. The main reasons for these high rates are due to the high poverty rates and the inferior quality of the educational institutions in the area.

Table for two project is to contribute to the development of children in all way in disadvantaged regions in Vietnam by decreasing malnutrition rate among children in Van Ho community through provision of regular nutritious lunch. Nutritious meals are provided 5 days a week to 60 children in kindergarten in Pa Che 2, Pa Cop1 and Sao Do. This project aims increase the health status of local children, reduce the risks of medical expenses and secure better health for education and for the future labour force.