On Monday 12th October CSDS welcomed and hosted a group of American volunteers who came to contribute to a childcare project at the Huu Nghi Center, also known as Friendship Village, which provides living, health and educational support to children and war veterans affected by the dioxins from the herbicide ‘Agent Orange’. On Tuesday 13th, upon arrival in Friendship Village, the group was welcomed by the director of the center who gave an introductory speech about the center’s activity and history. After the meeting, the group started their four days long volunteering experience at the center.

Activities included gardening and cleaning the green areas, interviewing veterans, working with disabled children, helping in the classroom, and vocational training.

Exhibition On Monday 19th the group organized an exhibition, ‘Agent Orange through the lens of American students’ which comprised a video screening, photos from the group’s activities and several posters about Vietnam War, its causes, anti-war protests, US policy and attitude, Agent Orange, its effects, and the role of Friendship Village. The event offered an opportunity to meet and speak to some of the children, war veterans and staff from Huu Nghi Center, who expressed their gratitude for students’ help and efforts to raise awareness about Agent Orange and encourage further public support.