CSDS Recruitment: Trainer(s)/Facilitator(s) Gender Dialogue – Engaging Asean Youth in Gender Equality Initiatives

The Centre for Sustainable Development Studies (CSDS) is a Vietnamese non-governmental organisation, focusing on youth and community development as well as international volunteer exchange. Founded in 2009 and based in Hanoi, Vietnam, CSDS develops and implements programs in different areas of the country to contribute to the sustainable development of Vietnam. CSDS’s expertise lies in working with and mobilizing youth to become change agents in their own communities.


Regional Context: Like many other regions, ASEAN countries are not immune to the gender inequalities that result in lost productivity for workers, unpaid care work, discrimination and violence. However, ASEAN is uniquely placed to tackle these issues due to the interconnected nature of the economies and cooperation between the member countries. In this region, there has witnessed an increasing participation of young people in all areas of life, given the fact that youth (15-34 years) occupies more than 213 million in ASEAN countries, constituting the largest ever cohort of ASEAN youth (ASEAN Youth Development Index, UNFPA 2017). More and more youth organizations have been established to facilitate youth’s voice and actions addressing the local and regional development challenges. Young people and their organizations are now working not only in their own countries but already cooperating regionally and multi-disciplinarily. However, due to many reasons such as the cultural hierarchy, gender discrimination, or institutional structure of each member countries, youth, are yet given sufficient opportunities to act for the course of gender equality in their own communities.


The project Gender Dialogue: Engaging Asean Youth in Gender Equality Initiatives, hosted by CSDS in cooperation with the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI), aims to increase awareness about gender issues amongst ASEAN youth, and to create a dialogue around how gender discrimination and other gender-related issues can be minimized through collective action. This project’s objective is to train and engage ASEAN youth to act on issues concerning gender equality in their own communities through collective learning in a diverse cultural context. Through the train-the-trainers model applied in this project, ASEAN participants will be able to disseminate their training to members of their own community youth groups in each of the ASEAN member states. Engaging a significant amount of men in these dialogues is also another objective of this project, to create a critical mass of change agents and to support the women. ensure that they are given the tools to change in their own communities.


The main project activities will be:

  • Deliver a five-day international participatory training in Hanoi, Vietnam (training of trainers – TOT). The training will give participants, representing member countries, an indepth understanding of gender issues and the challenges that limit gender equality in their own community and in the region as a whole. Part of the training will help young people to think about the diversity of the ASEAN Community and discuss how they can work together to tackle the problems, creating a synergy in the movement of promoting gender equality.
  • Following the training, the participants will return to their youth groups in their respective countries and share the knowledge with their groups. The youth groups will be provided with small grant to conduct a campaign or project in their local communities with the purpose of sharing knowledge and to inspire people to act on barriers to gender equality in their own communities. Twenty-four youth from 10 ASEAN countries (6 from Vietnam and 2 from each of the other ASEAN members) will then return to their youth groups and train their members, approximately 5-10 per group.
  • Create a youth friendly mapping of collective actions in ASEAN on gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls (government bodies, NGOs, international organizations, youth-led organizations/projects, academia and media). The collection will be used as a hands-on reference for young people when they start being active in working on the issue of gender equality. The mapping will be constantly updated when more youth are connected to the project, even after the funding ends.
  • Start a collective campaign in the region, promoting for gender equality and youth’s engagement in tackling the issue. Youth, who return from the TOT, will lead local offline activities in their communities and then share on the common fan page and open Facebook group. Two youth ambassadors will be selected to lead a moving flag around ASEAN countries. At each community they visit, they will meet and work with local youth peers to advocate for gender equality. Such advocacy work will be instantly broadcasted online to engage thousands of youth around the region.



Task Description


CSDS is looking for a trainer/facilitator (or a group of trainers/facilitators) who is/are capable of delivering training using co-creation methods to work with ASEAN youths to achieve the project’s goals mentioned above.


Location: Hanoi, Vietnam

Language: English


Detailed tasks list:

  • Designing content for a 05-days training of Gender Dialogue for ASEAN youths, using train-the-trainers model and co-creation methods;
  • Delivering and facilitating the 05-days international training for youths and youth leaders (age 18-30) from 10 ASEAN countries;
  • Assessing the participants’ ideas of gender related projects/campaigns which would be delivered in their own communities, thus providing appropriate instruction, guidance, coaching to the participants during the training, as well as during the implementation of their communities level projects;
  • Co-facilitating (with CSDS members) youth participants to create a youth friendly mapping of collective actions in ASEAN on gender equality and youth’s engagement in tackling the issue;
  • Collecting and analyzing ideas, datas and information collected during the training for future suggestions and initiatives;
  • Creating a written post-training report in English.



  • Experience and able to show knowledge and comprehensive understanding of Gender and Gender equality topics, also related issues and social/political situation in ASEAN;
  • Experience in leading/facilitating/coaching youths and youth’s groups in projects and campaigns implementation;
  • Interest and passion in working with youths and engaging youths to become active change agents in the community;
  • Well managed in cooperation with various stakeholders, including government, CBOs, NGOs and communities;
  • English efficiency in both writing and speaking;
  • Experience in working with ASEAN youths is a plus;


Allowance: Allowance will be discussed in the interview session basing on the candidate’s experience and CFLI and CSDS’s standard.


Application Process:

Interested individuals/groups will have to submit their application including:

  • Motivation Letter
  • CV
  • Training proposal (with proposed budged included)

Application should be sent to the following address before the deadline mentioned below:

Mr. Đôn Tuấn Phương
Director, Center for Sustainable Development Studies
Email: director@csdsvnnew.azurewebsites.net
Địa chỉ: 63 Phạm Thận Duật, Mai Dịch, Cầu Giấy, Hà Nội.

Deadline: 17h00, 4 September 2018

*Note: Only candidates selected for the interview session will be contact.